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All information on this site is open source - Googled - analysed, and speculated on..only

All source on this site is purely open sourced,  Googled, analysed and are strictly questions about what is transpiring on the New Space Initiatives and Controversies.  As noted above, WIntelAgency, is a consortium of concern taxpaying citizens and federal whistleblowers.  
This blog is focused on NASA dealing with National Security and accusations of leaked secrets: 

**You can find another section that discusses Whistleblower issues at "Do You Dare to Speak":

April 8, 2014 There was a Congressional Hearing on the below NASA Security Issues and also some addressing the other issues posed on Dare To Speak Site:  
Congressional Hearing "NASA Request and Oversight of NASA Security: 

All happening while Russia and China deepen Space Projects, this includes EU role as well.

Can we consider that some of this is surrounding Hilary Clinton, USAID, potentially influence from both Bill Clinton's and Feinstein's Husband's interest in China, via COSCO chinese shipping and more?  
State Department loss of 6B unaccounted dollars - per State Department OIG after Clinton leaves.   A mess with USAID Launch and working with appearances of shell companies tied to Isle of Man to trade Space Arms?  Is this possible?  

We also have the Harry Reid working with Chnese Solar Company to steal the Nevada Bundy Ranch!

 USAID shell company schemes?     &
See below and let me know if there is any any connection here? 

Overall speculation:   With the recent Leland Yee arrest on arms smuggling, and his CA Senate and Congressional colleagues reaction of suprise e.g., Feinstein, Boxer, Eshoo, this now makes some sense if we all go back to the mid to late 90's to reflect on the past scandals.  See Congressional Record regarding Bill Clinton's election and influence with Chinese money Cosco a COMMUNIST CHINESE-OWNED COMPANY (House of Representatives vs. Clinton April 15, 1997)

Well, it says in this Congressional Investigation that Feinstein's husband Richard Blum of SF Blum Capital supposedly started all this business with Cosco.  General Haig, who used to be Secretary of State was an adviser of Cosco back then with the Southern Navy Yard, secured by Clintons.
Yee was earlier firmly supported by Reid and Pelosi

Note from above Congressional Record:  "Is there a conflict of interest between payments to the DNC, to the White House, and to the takeover of a Communist-controlled COSCO in Long Beach Naval Shipyard, a company again that shipped in AK-47's, a company that is owned by Communist China. Another company that actually made the arms, owned by Communist China. Another company that directs the sales of those and delivery of those arms owned by Communist China. All three corporations, their CEO is Communist China. And what future developments could we have by Communist China completely controlling and having access to Long Beach Naval Shipyard?"

Leland's case also involved AK-47's, gun running, arms running, and more.   All also involved a Navy Ship Yard.   This latest NASA case involves Joan Johnson-Freese, U.S. Naval War College and she is part of Space Security Framework with Secure World Foundation…  She wrote a counter article on media articles surfacing Simon Pete Worden's involvement with possible leaked secrets?   Is there a relation between the NASA scandal and this past explosive issue that Congress went after with Clinton in 1997?  Hilary Clinton was in charge of the State Department USAID during this time, and they formed the USAID/NASA Launch Program?  Was this strategic disruption similar to all the Global Spring movements too?  

Have the Chinese penetrated our Democratic Senate and leaders? And pose future White House Presidency control, if Hilary Clinton indeed runs?  Have they already highjacked the Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Dianne Feinstein via her Husband's business with them?

Navy involvement with Chinese mid 90's to nowMichael Krepon, director of South Asia and space security programs at the nonpartisan Stimson Center think tank

Michael Kepon co-authored paper with Julia Thomson at Stimson, who also worked with non other than John Logsdon:  She works closely with Joan Johnson-Freeze who defended Pete Worden on a news article after Aviation Weekly put out the ARC ITAR Scandal.  He works closely with Clay Moltz of NPS, Joan Johnson-Freese and Brian Weedon of Secure World Foundation.  All surrounds Space Weapons:
Here is how they all connect:

Here is Joan Johnson-Freese twitter bet on Worden from Aviation Article:
She is on ISU Faculty:
She works for US Naval War College  -  Her expertise is Space Militarization and Global Security
Here is what she wrote about ISU and Pete Worden: - Joan is part of the SWF Organization -

How NASA OIG responded to the scandal out of the Congress on "NASA Leaked Secrets" during the time of NASA Launch Program with USAID.   Well, the results of OIG report came out in a page and half  It is mostly withheld.   
The claim that all the issues were just 'ignorance' of policies and handling of ITAR and EAR?
Sad, the NASA OIG came from the DOJ OIG, and we can see how well they did their job there - see:  Hundreds of Justice Dept Attys Violated Rules, Laws, or Ethical Strds via
And recently even the new DOJ OIG is surfacing that Holder's DOJ is protecting the corruption of the Bankers and not protecting the real government (the people, the taxpayers).   Can it be true that Banks & Corporations have taken over the US government and turned it against its own people?  

Yet, the experts of Export Laws have this come back to the NASA OIG Report laid out above:

Ignorance Is Indeed a Defense: NASA Ames Edition
They counter OIG indication of no intent, OIG's stance that it was mostly "Lackadaisical attitude or carelessness"?  

Is this what FOX George Will is concerned about?  "Surrendering America" regarding our Space Capabilities?

Did the NeoCons that sold the Iraq War come join the Podesta and Clinton team in the USAID scandals?  What was used to sell the Iraq War?  The Pentagon run Office of Strategic Influence?  But many of us observing all know “It's all in the Words”..   Do some Googling and you will find that Simon Pete Worden & team of Rendon Group (black propaganda experts) come from the DOD Office of Strategic Influence (OSI) defined by Rumsfeld, prior to his coming to be Center Director of NASA Ames Research Center
Yes.  “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting…All warfare is based on deception.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Found on “Following the September 11 attacks against the United States, the Pentagon organized and implemented the Office of Strategic Influence in an effort to improve public support abroad, mainly in Islamic countries. The head of OSI was an appointed general, Pete Worden who maintained the mission of "circulating classified proposals calling for aggressive campaigns that use[d] not only the foreign media and the Internet, but also covert operations." Worden, as well as then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld planned for what they called "a broad mission ranging from 'black' campaigns that use[d] disinformation and other covert activities to 'white' public affairs that rely on truthful news releases." Therefore, OSI's operations could include the blackest of activities.[15]
OSI's operations were to do more than public relations work, but included contacting and emailing media, journalist, and foreign community leaders with information that would counter foreign governments and organizations that are hostile to the United States. In doing so, the emails would be masked by utilizing addresses ending with .com as opposed to using the standard Pentagon address of .mil. and hide any involvement of the US government and the Pentagon. The Pentagon is forbidden to conduct black propaganda operations within the American media, but is not prohibited for conducting these operations against foreign media outlets. The thought of conducting black propaganda operations and utilizing disinformation resulted in harsh criticism for the program that resulted in its closure in 2002.[16]

Maybe the "ignorance" is really that the NASA officials didn’t think that some whistleblowers could actually find resources to by-pass their protective services, OIG, and FBI counterparts and go directly to some key figures in Congress?
And the lackadaisical attitude or carelessness are from the Leadership, the OIG, and more?  So, we all have to ask why?
The National Academy of Public Administration came out with their report:  

Rep. Frank Wolf Statement On Independent Report Critical Of NASA's Security Protocols 


Looks like Simon Pete Worden finds my post on this link as a favorite too? 

More Breaking News:   
New - China Seeks NASA Secrets III

Query on above article:  Lackadaisical attitude or carelessness?  It's all in the Words..
“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting…All warfare is based on deception.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War

So, White House and DOJ why did the case get blocked?

Well with a little homework, we find the following activities that seem to have the same folk that want to work with China and also have helped usher out the State Department USAID /NASA Launch Program?  The same characters easily found in forums discussing the need to start business in Isle of Man and the initiation of the Institute for International Space Commerce - cutting a deal with the Isle of Man where US taxes and international sanctions can be avoided?   George Abby, who used to the the NASA Johnson Space Center Director also Senior Fellow for Space Studies from the Baker Institute at Rice University, Texas, with Michael Simpson, of the International Space University and now Director of the Secure World Foundation, said: "Among the many countries interested in the commercial possibilities presented by outer space, the Isle of Man stands out as a place where people have that rare ability to both dream big dreams and close a solid business plan. We look forward to a long and productive partnership with the island and its people in the years to come."see:

Now State Department OIG indicates that USAID cannot account for 6B?
 USAID shell company schemes?  

And most of all SOFT POWER: DOD psy ops, State Dept USAID's info ops intended to influence local populations -   Was this to help the Oligarchy that has taken over US Democracy per this article?  Does this confirm some of this international view?  Scary.

George Abby is on the Board of Directors with Art Dula, President of Isle of Mann Excalibur Almaz that cut a deal with Isle for Space Tourism.   Yet, Art Dula has a scandal, which we all wonder how it got cleared up? There was a claim against this Space Tourism Company indicating it was a scam
"Claim alleges Mr Dula defrauded claimants out of $300,000 by claiming his company had a ‘special rocket engine’ to ‘travel in space to a distant asteroid and mine precious metals’. In the claim, it alleges claimants were induced to advance $300,000, and later purchase an investment in Excalibur Exploration Limited, with the ‘fundamental false representation’ that the company had the technical expertise and associations to develop a business to fly the first commercial prospecting space flight to an asteroid."    Is this why the NASA agency is now pushing hard for an Asteroid redirect mission?  Because they got Dula, Abby, et al into this idea of mining asteroids, Google into mining asteroids, and more?  Also Art Dula, George Abby, and even an ex Kennedy Space Center Director are involved with another company based on the Isle of Man Odyssey Moon.

Meanwhile Art Dula and Todd Stott have been working with the Isle of Man on drafting laws to help them get out of the ITAR tangle. 

 "US space law luminary Art Dula along with Isle of Man honorary space counsel Christopher Stott (both now based in Houston) will come before the Parliament within the next six months.

The proposed legislation does not appear to be available online yet -- although I do see Manx Space Law Initiative information on ManSat's website, along with the UK Outer Space Act
‎" see:

All the while....

- Europe pressures US on Arms Trade with China, but was it really Europe and UK that did this?   Or a certain group of Space Enthusiasts surrounding ISU, Space Adventures, Secure World Foundation, some in Navy Post Graduate School, and Stanford Nuclear Security Project (Sam Nunn, Kissinger, Perry, etc.)?

It's noted in below findings that Abby, Leory Chiao of Excalibur Almaz want to be able to do business with China.  They work with the UK companies that already perform business with China and the EU have negotiated manned missions with China.    Secure World wants to have Space Business with China, hence the below group who have found back channel ways to find ways to work with China in Space. 

It appears that there are some in the Rice University, Baker's Institute that are working hard to support the efforts of International Space Commerce.  Many I see, have even started the USAID, NASA, Engineers without Borders Launch Program out of the Houston Tx. area of Johnson Space Center for International Space Commerce?   Leonard Yowell, has an article talking about this State Department outreach program called Launch. Leonard not only talks about USAID/NASA, but also mentions how it is part of the U.N. Millennium Development Goals (MDG) that present a well-accepted summary of global needs and challenges – food, poverty alleviation, health, sustainable energy, clean air and global partnerships.   So, between this whole State Department program and the initiatives of Dula, Abby, Simpson, etc. how does it fit with doing business with China?  They all seem to be interconnected somehow?  

Thanks to NASAwatch "Back Channel ways for NASA to talk with China" Transparency surfaces finally!!!!   NASA Bolden finally acknowledges they (NASA, State Department - Launch Program, and International Academy of Astronautics ( were indeed working on Space Cooperation with China (working around Congress).  Which means they probably did have possible violatiion in laws due to transfer of information:   "NASA, China Meet On Possible Cooperation"  Acknowledgement to our blog !  The WH, State Dept were working with China!   Is this where US Corporations are tired of China stealing candy from them, and that they prefer to to by pass laws (being held hard in Congress) to ensure that China  indeed enables them to profit verses it being stolen and proliferred to other US sanctioned countries?  Just looking for an open explanation and/or dialog of what is transpiring.

And now they are just going around laws put in place over language!  

Now they switch it all over to The U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) will hold two meetings in 2014 as part of the first CAS-NAS Forum for New Leaders in Space Science.

"Language in the newly enacted FY2014 Consolidated Appropriations Act (colloquially referred to "the omnibus") continues prohibitions on NASA and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy with regard to discussing or engaging in bilateral space cooperation with China unless certain criteria are met.  Those restrictions do not affect other government or non-government organizations, however.  (NAS is a non-government entity.)"

Per article on now: U.S. and Chinese Academies of Sciences Create Forum for Space Science Interchanges
Obviously they understand the need for following Export Laws, violations of the Logan Act, International Space Adventures, and more.   Interested in those working around international sanctions and tax evasion.

Obviously we have ISU and Art Dula behind this, note blog below.   If you missed it, Jeff Foust reported on the April 17th, 2007 on Space Investment Summit in New York City, Opening wallets, closing windows. (The Space Review, April 30, 2007) And here Jeff overviews industry concerns highlighted by straight-talking Art Dula, Esq. (who is always quoteworthy):
Noted space lawyer Art Dula brought up a common concern for the aerospace industry—export control—and suggested new space companies should consider moving offshore in large part because of it. "I would argue today that the United States is not the venue of choice for a person who wants to start an aerospace startup company," he said. As an alternative, he suggested the Isle of Man, a Crown dependency of the UK that offers space companies based there a zero-percent tax rate, as well as less-onerous export controls. That company would then contract with an independently-established American company to do business in the US.

Dula also pointed out that while the US has the best-developed space law of any country, there are still a number of key uncertainties in space law and treaties. "We don’t have any definition of where space starts. We don’t have any definition of what, for example, a ‘celestial body’ is. We’re not exactly sure what a ‘space object’ is; it’s not well defined," he said. "So there’s a great deal of law that we’re going to have to rework over the next few years as this becomes a real business."
It would be good if we exchange science with China, especially on Global warming issues, trending on carbon signatures, and technologies that can mitigate their use of coal.  US should engage in China on monitoring environmental conditions, especially the effects on the planet.   But, hopefully the US will take care in NOT exchanging national security secrets with them (they are vigorously working on Space Weapons).  VOA announcement on State Department interest in US-China Cooperation on "Science" in Space: 

The problem posed with engagement with China is the issue found in an OIG report on investigation of a Chinese National having access to NASA Center and computer.  What I noted immediately in reading the report that there may be many in the agency that doesn't understand the differences between Fundamental Research vs. Sensitive But Unclassified Data:

"We acknowledge that both sincerely believe that the information on the hard drive is fundamental research not subject to export control restrictions. Nevertheless, both admitted that they could not fully decipher Rahman‟s file system and did not have a complete understanding of the information contained on the hard drive." found in OIG report page 15

Odd with this report, is that OIG doesn't make a recommendation that this is a issue that should be fixed and/or monitored?

So, we ask does NASA have checks and balances on insuring that staff understands the differences between Fundamental Research vs. Sensitive But Unclassified Data?  There appears that NASA has yearly IT security training that touches on some of this in working with IT Security Plans for their IT system per FISMA and the NASA Policies on the technology managing the data, but not to the extent of helping each center determine how to identify what is fundamental research vs. Sensitive But Unclassified data (export or ITAR).  NASA has indicators of wanting to protect this technology, but do they educate the staff on how to identify the data? 

Does NASA have a fully engaged Information Assurance Program working this issue of science (basic and fundamental) vs. Engineering (export technology issues)?  A program that works to help the staff and contractors on how to identify the differences and properly handle all the types of technology data?   Does NASA have someone in charge of the actual training, monitoring, and audit of this information & technology identification processes working hand in hand and reporting to DHS, OPM, and OMB in the projects for the physical handling (e.g., Sensitive But Unclassified Corp. proprietary, export, solicitation data, trade secrets, ITAR, etc.)?   There are policies, and there are IT Security pointers to identify the data for IT Security controls on IT Systems using the FIPS 199.   

Also, back in 2010 FBI Director Robert Mueller told Congress that Chinese espionage was a growing problem for the Bureau.

So, why is the State Department, USAID working so hard with the Canadian Foreign Services to exchange with China, our space system assets?  Is it this above mentioned International Academy of Astronautics main sponsors?   Airbus Defence Systems (was EADS) - Astrium a-child company and Lockheed Martin Systems political influences on White House and State Department?

As we can see, it seems as if it is all the USAID Global Development initiative and TPP that are diligently working towards working with China in Space Cooperation.   The same department with a large scandal with Benghazi (failure) and now they are working on this cooperation while not asking China to curb is corruption of theft, cloning, and hacking of US National Security items and technology?  

So, why is this a State Department vs. Congressional issue?   They blame just Frank Wolf, but I bet in reality it is more that Wolf, or just even only Republications that are concerned about who in the White House and State Department are pushing this? 

 It appears that someone is working on an arms trade global initiative to level out the playing field?  Are they working with George Soros, who "wrote a column calling for a new Bretton Woods event, to recreate the one that helped design the post-WWII economy. Only he wants this one to knock America down a peg or three."   "wants to begin changing the global economy in one event."  Found in article

Is it possible Obama's picks for Ambassadorial positions show an ignorance and deception (a competence issue)  dancing side by side enabling a Soro's design of strategic goals with strategic positioning & psyops (cognitive dissonance)?  See: Under legal fire, State Dept. hands over docs on 'competence' of ambassadors

George Soros funds Center for American Progress (CAP) founded by John Podesta who advises and staffs the White House.
  Those of us in this forum, have heard that several folk under suspicion with the below mentioned ITAR scandal are Open Society Foundation supporters, which is also primarily sponsored by George Soros.   These folk appear to have the mantra "Change the World" and "the Globe needs to be a fair playing ground" meaning that US National Security weapons and arms need to be distributed to enable the fair playing ground.  

The 2010 Executive Order for Global Development has the Millennium Challenge Corporation lead Adviser who is a Director in the Open Society Foundation.   

Has Obama swept to power on the promise of change, yet so far there has been only anarchy of Arab Spring and now possibly Crimean-Russian Spring towards the three Superpowers going at it hard beyond just economic war?  Is this because his administration is filled with Wall Street bankers? It's very apparent his top officials leave to join the banks, the big new final frontier of Space Tourism, and other new energy innovations as his budget director Peter Orszag recently joined a big bank, his OSTP staff and Space Policy Advisor left for Google Planetary Resources that are taking advantage of Federal resources John Olsen and Peter Marques, and so much more see   Obama appears to primarily be ready to serve the interests of the rich and powerful, with no line in the sand, no limit to “compromise.”

Please send me comments, edits, and more to the  below blogs.   I am only trying to piece this together from a perspective I see rolling out.  If I am misunderstanding the below perspectives, and blog perspectives, especially anyone below mentioned who has a better perspective, please comment, work to correct our observations!

The latest Wolf letter to NASA Administrator Bolden, basically easily ties both below blog inquiries together highlighting concerns on the appearances of WH and Administration cronyism by intently by passing federal ethics laws & Federal Acquisition Regulations in order to favor those who tax evade and have intent to by-pass international sanctions on National Security technologies (i.e.,  including International trade of Arms Regulations (ITAR) being violated).

Follow up responses to Wolf's public letter to Bolden:
Bolden responds publicly
Astronaut Leroy Chiao of Excalibur Almaz, that started to work agreements with China 2003 (but can't go forward until ITAR Laws change)?   Is the US passing the Space Flight baton to China 

Are there violations of the Logan Act going on?  TOver all looks like work already happened between US and China per Chinese article:
Wow, Chinese removed this above site!   So, here is a snapshot of what they had.

I would personally like to ask Obama & Kerry:  "Is this a way to pay the US debt that China owns? the high interest rates?"  China is charging the US a high interest rate on the over 50% US debt. they appear to own today.    Russia also owns a significant amount of the US debt, "so is this an under the cover way in paying it - with smoke and mirrors?"

And all thanks to NASAwatch & SpaceRef keeping us informed on this cronyism and behavior of by passing the federal ethics laws. 

New breaking news!  Okay we have more questions on this White House OSTP, NASA push to work with Chinese:   What can be easily seen in history of events:
Re:  pressure to work with China from NASA officials and OSTP...  did they initially plan on cutting deals with European Union that had announced going to work with China on manned missions?  See: 

Challenging America: Europe Seeks Space Cooperation With China 

Is this cronyism within White House?   

Starting with John Olsen leaving OSTP in June 2013 to Sierra Nevada Space Company?  

Also  Peter Marquez, director of space policy leaves in June 2013 too, then after cooling off period, joins Planetary Resources (Founded by Peter Diamandis, Google, whom also founded by Google X-Prize)? -   

Now today in January Space Ref announces that Sierra Nevada where ex-OSTP John Olsen joined 6 months ago, has cut big deal with European Union who plans to work with China.  

 Is this the White House, OSTP,  influence to work with EU and with potential intent to transfer US technology via their agenda to make commercial space profits off of China Space Missions and/or military space weapons?  

I gather John Olsen leaving OSTP and going to SNC in June, was because Holdren promised Congressman Wolf to not risk transferring sensitive technology to China?  So they could pursue it as commercial space?   "An influential Republican member of Congress has declared a truce in his fight with the White House over U.S. scientific collaboration with China. The move would erase budget cuts imposed on a small office run by John Holdren, the president's science adviser, in return for Holdren's promise to safeguard national and economic secrets during exchanges and to avoid interacting with any Chinese officials involved in human rights violations." 

 In earlier reports we found that G. Abby, who used to be a Center Director of Johnson Space Center was an adviser for many of these groups that want to work with Chinese Space Endeavours (with Art Dula who has his law firm in the Houston area, and is a registered broker with the US State Department and White House.  Art Dula is the founder of Excalibur Almaz, and over the many years has worked with British Owned Company EADS.  EADS child company Surrey has already been providing Education and building Chinese Satellites for the Chinese Corporations and Government. 

And George Abby Jr.  was UK’s Vice Consul, Advanced Engineering, Aerospace and Homeland Security for the British Consulate-General – Houston helping both US and UK companies, investors and entrepreneurs grow in investment and trade.   Hum, he was working counter-intelligence in the past too?  A Business Ops Staff V, Specialist, Global Security & Technology Protection (S&TP)

  Hum..  Art Dula Sr. is a registered State Department Broker?  British, Canadian, and US Foreign Services are working towards Space Adventures with China - working with Excalibur Almaz based in the Isle of Man to avoid international sanctions and taxes?  NASA is working with them on this?  Is this Airbus Defence Systems (was EADS earlier)?  

So, over time our honorable Frank Wolf questioned the White House Office of Science & Technology Staff (OSTPers) over this, and even earlier someone in the OSTP came back with statements such as "“You can legally win but still lose,” said one White House staffer, who asked not to be identified because of the controversial nature of the dispute"     

Was it all really the White House just by-passing Congress and the taxpayers, with intent to provide the Chinese with technology that would enable them potential weapons against the US??  Obama?

Remember noted below in More on ITAR Scandal at NASA 

Art Dula is founder of Excalibur Almaz, which has received agreements with NASA, while it based itself with Isle Man Commerce (avoid international sanctions), which I find potential the commerce ties of Ramim Khadem who had advisory to Chinese SOHO (Trade) to the SpaceIsle on Manx Gov. Commerce committee   ISU had worked an agreement with SpaceIsle in 2010. 

BTW:  Ramin Khadem is or was Chair of Odyssey Moon, which was founded by Bob Richards also founder of ISU and Singularity at NASA ARC (who quickly started MoonEx to legally obtain NASA funding and possibly US Venture funds, e.g.,  KPCB funds, which received the largest amount of WH Stimulus funds    Doesn't any of this behavior pose great risk to US  (this potential creative ways in bypassing US international sanctions to exchange technology with China)?  

In re-reviewing all the below blog speculations, I actually am beginning to wonder if our earlier predictions found at: is correct, and that Obama, Podesta, OSTP lead Holdren are beholding to Open Society Foundation (Soro's organization goals).   Are we dealing with folks workfing to take down the general taxpayers tthe real US government) sovereignty?   Why do I ask this?   Well, there are many facts in place:

1.  John Podesta initially staff the White House when Obama first started the presidency.   His founded group Center for American Progress (CAP is primarily funded by George Soros.  George Soros is a known expert at taking down countries economically (collapsing them).   All the characteristics of this happening are in place per Naomi Klein in her book "Shock Doctrine".  It all starts with huge transfers of public wealth to private hands, often accompanied by exploding debt and ever widening chasm between the dazzling rich and the disposable poor and an aggressive nationalism that justifies bottomless spending on rushing in the private space sector and enhancing security.  We see this with the 2013 budget fight between the House and Congress  You'll find aggressive surveillance e.g., Google and Facebook privacy issues getting into our web activity, phones and more- literally breaking federal regulations and cannot be stopped) and these large corporations trading favors and contracts, shrinking civil liberties.  Now we have the Snowden revelations, Wikileaks, and more pushing the "Shock Doctrine" to new heights 

There is this creepy concept being held by the head of the Presidential Office of Science and Technology Policy, John Holdren, too. found at:  

"White House science czar John Holdren has called for the U.S. to surrender sovereignty to a “planetary regime” armed with military power to enforce population limits upon nations and prevent perceived dangers from global eco-disasters, Jerome Corsi’s Red Alert reports

Red Alert obtained and reviewed a copy of the 1970s college textbook, “Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment,” that Holdren co-authored with Malthusian population alarmist Paul R. Ehrlich and Ehrlich’s wife, Anne.  

The authors argued that involuntary birth-control measures, including forced sterilization, may be necessary and morally acceptable under extreme conditions, such as widespread famine brought about by “climate change.”  They recommended the creation of a “planetary regime” created to act as an “international superagency for population, resources and environment.” “Such a Planetary Regime could control the development, administration, conservation and distribution of all natural resources, renewable or nonrenewable, at least insofar as international implications exist,” they argued.  For more information on Holdren’s stance on “optimal population” targets and calls for pumping CO2 into the atmosphere, read Jerome Corsi’s Red Alert, the premium, online intelligence news source by the WND staff writer, columnist and author of the New York Times No. 1 best-seller, “The Obama Nation.

Red Alert’s author, whose books “The Obama Nation” and “Unfit for Command” have topped the New York Times best-sellers list, received his Ph.D. from Harvard University in political science in 1972. For nearly 25 years, beginning in 1981, he worked with banks throughout the U.S. and around the world to develop financial services marketing companies to assist banks in establishing broker/dealers and insurance subsidiaries to provide financial planning products and services to their retail customers. In this career, Corsi developed three different third-party financial services marketing firms that reached gross sales levels of $1 billion in annuities and equal volume in mutual funds. In 1999, he began developing Internet-based financial marketing firms, also adapted to work in conjunction with banks. Read more at

Obama's agenda?   Today wants to put an end to inequality in US economy, but pushing through the 'Free Trade' with Trans Pacific Partnership are only annals of self-negation.   One of these agendas will negate the other.  Read "Free trade and the loss of U.S. jobs"
It appears that between Holdren and Obama - they are really pushing the US into some type of regime.   The rest of the Globe, i.e., China and Russia can see this, but the general taxpayer is not really seeing it (they all are bedazzled by the bobbles of smart phone and pad media). 

Here is the latest article on 

Leaked TPP Environment Chapter Shows Obama Betrayal

For more information you can find NASA watch articles on China

Also:  Do You Dare to Speak

Coincidence of carelessness or blantant open government / badge less environments?   Flat ground, for sharing any tech become the norm today in our areas of sensitive technology/national security?  In SDI  "Worden also instituted and championed innovative management and engineering techniques while at BMDO, including rapid prototyping, "build a little test a little", a "badgeless" work environment, and a flat organizational structure.

Also in SDI, and later NASA with his close colleague Simon Pete Worden, Stewart Nozette was arrested for attempted espionage via an FBI Sting 

"The Pentagon's Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO) funded the Clementine Mission to the Moon and a near Earth asteroid, largely due to the efforts of Dr. Stewart Nozette and Col. Pete Worden. The mission discovered ice in a lunar polar crater but the probe failed enroute to the asteroid Geographos when a software bug on the spacecraft caused it to suddenly burn away all its maneuvering fuel. This mission was manufactured and launched after considerable political maneuvering and on a shoestring budget."

International Space University (with Simon Pete Worden as one of the main trustees) has extended it's foot in Asia just recently.
Regardless of the laws, NASA leadership and International Space University (ISU) leadership are pushing for US Space business with China.   Is this an attempt to Just by-passing the GOP, the laws, and appear to go to the Isle of Man to do so?   On the ISU board of directors is a representative of the Isle of Man (where sanctions can be by-passed). 

Should we all send thanks to ISU, Simon Pete Worden, the Baker Institute policy experts Art Dula, George Abby, and George Abby Jr. for showing our commercial space companies how to find loop holes in laws to just by pass US laws, snub nose at GOP, and possibly risk the US National Security apparatus, and more for forcing our final frontier of weapons technology into the international front? 
See Board of Trustees:

"The government of my country snubs honest simplicity, but fondles artistic villainy, and I think I might have developed into a very capable pickpocket if I had remained in the public service a year or two."  -Mark Twain
- Roughing It