Friday, February 14, 2014

Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box
1991 (precognitive?)

With curiosity I opened Pandora's box                       
to see what's hidden deep inside
and low & behold what I did perceive stirring about    
was deception & ignorance dancing side by side

I stepped back and patiently waited                   
for an certain set of entities to awaken intuitively to
There, I questioned them with oddities               
in hopes to ignite answers to show the view

I blinded myself to who these entities were,               
and allowed them to pull the strings of my old warn soul,
I didn't understand what they did,               
but they stimulated me to re-evaluate my ultimate goals

Old patterns broke apart and fell away                       
seduced with new pieces to shed new light
new glimmering ideas, images, & insight arrays  
and they, stepped back at a distance, emotions from sight

When I reached towards them, they became mercurial       
Yet, when I let go, intangible strings seemed to have hold of me
And now, working to liberate from this state, an inner confusion   
My vulnerability surfaced, curiosity, that continual pondering on the experiences

Not realizing that I have hit upon a paradox           
veiled in black, still dancing and re-weaving the web,
within the maze of Pandora's box.

Well this was a real automatic writing from the 80's..